Bites, slaps and tables thrown: Derek Chisora's top five moments of madness

Chisora has had his fair share of fallouts with the likes of Vitali Klitschko, Dillian Whyte and foe-turned-promoter David Haye.

Derek Chisora has enjoyed a late-career resurgence but after defeat to Oleksandr Usyk and Joseph Parker, he finds himself in a must-win fight against the latter this weekend.

Chisora will collide with Parker for a second time in Manchester this weekend looking to avenge his split-decision loss to New Zealand's first heavyweight champion.

And while "Del Boy" is promising a knockout, he will have to do it without David Haye after an acrimonious split.

Chisora and controversy are two things that go hand-in-hand.

A polarising figure, the Zimbabwe-born Briton has earned a reputation of being one of boxing's ultimate bad boys.

With that said, here are the five standout moments when Chisora behaved in classic Chisora fashion.

1) Mike Tyson-like bite on Paul Butlin

It did not take Chisora to grab headlines for the wrong reasons in a fight against fellow compatriot Paul Butlin in an eight-round contest at London's York Hall in 2009.

As the bout entered the fifth round, in a call back to Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield II - now known as the Bite Fight - Chisora proceeded to chomp on Butlin's left ear as the two fighter's tussled on the ropes.

The incident was in the blind spot of referee Ian John Lewis. Despite Butlin's clear aggrievement at Chisora's act, he was unpunished and went on to win via unanimous decision.

Chisora did not go unpunished though with the British Boxing Board of Control slapping him a £2,500 fine and a four-month suspension.

2) Kissing Carl Baker during their staredown

You might have thought the young fighter had learnt his lesson from his previous punishment.

You thought wrong. Less than 12 months from the bite scandal, Chisora was in the headlines for the wrong reasons yet again, but this time Chisora showed fans a softer side.

During the weigh-in of his bout against Carl Baker, the duo faced off and things soon got heated before Chisora grabbed his face and smothered it with a big kiss.

Understandably, Baker was not in favour of Chisora's advancements. Derek was pushed to the floor by Baker, as chaos ensued around them.

Chisora got his payback for being dropped before the fight, though. He stopped the Yorkshireman in the second round on fight night.

3) Slapping and spitting Vitali Klitschko

Having earned a world title shot at Vitali Klitschko's WBC heavyweight title in Munich, Germany, Chisora would have a major run-in with the Klitscho brothers in 2012.

In an attempt to gain a psychological edge over Vitali, Chisora slapped the towering Ukranian at the weigh-in.

In Vitali's defence, he seemed unfazed by the situation as security flooded in to separate the camps. Destined to receive more punishment from the WBC, a slap to the face of a heavyweight great was not enough for Chisora.

Before the opening bell, Chisora spat water in the face of younger brother Wladimir Klitschko.

Chisora, however, would deliver a brave performance in defeat to Vitali. Believe it or not, this was not even the craziest thing to happen in Munich that night...

4) Munich Brawl with David Haye

Following his defeat to Vitali, Chisora was interrupted by Haye at the post-press conference, who demanded a shot at Klitschko's green-and-gold belt.

Ripping into Team Klitschko and their manager Bernd Boente, Haye ignited a back and forth argument with Chisora.

The Hayemaker berated Chisora, reminding him that he had lost his last three fights before being taunted himself about blaming his broken toe for defeat to Wladimir Klitschko.

Enough was enough and Chisora got off his seat and walked towards Haye.

Punches thrown, cameras drowned in beer and blood spilling from trainer Adam Booth's forehead, it is safe to say things had turned sour.

David Haye and Derek Chisora settled their differences in 2012

The footage filmed Haye landing a punch on Chisora's cheekbone whilst holding a bottle of beer in the same hand.

Despite initial thoughts that Chisora had hit Booth with a tripod, it was actually Haye who had done the damage to his own coach by launching a tripod across the room.

Read the full transcript here.

The British Boxing Board of Control subsequently withdrew Chisora's boxing license forcing the fighters to get Luxembourg licenses.

5) *That* table launch

A couple of years had passed since his rivalry with Haye had been put to bed. Perhaps Chisora had now mellowed? No chance.

His bad blood with Dillian Whyte was spectacular.

Having clashed during their Gloves are Off promo, where Chisora had thrown water in the face of Whyte, the former continued his out of control antics at Manchester's press conference.

Everything seemed to be going well, with the two fighters seeming uncharacteristically calm compared to their prior meetings.

That was until the "Bodysnatcher" began to threaten Chisora with violence.

This culminated in the famous image of Chisora picking up a table in front of him and launching it to the other side in the direction of Whyte.

His target was pretty poor, if being honest. The table came closer to hitting promoter Eddie Hearn than Whyte himself.

The BBBofC - who have made a living from fining the likes of Chisora and Billy Joe Saunders - threw the book at Chisora for his actions with a £30,000 fine.

The famous Lonsdale belt was also withdrawn from the domestic dust-up. The bout went ahead and Whyte won it via split-decision to earn the bragging rights on the night.

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