Top five NBA players under the age of 25: Ball, Morant, Doncic...

There's plenty of young talent shining in the NBA this year, but who would make your top five?

The NBA is in a great spot, as many of the young, talented players across the league are finding their way into superstardom.

The game has evolved on both the national and international level, with different skill sets being embraced and easy access to technology giving these players a chance to study the greats before their time.

But with such an abundance of talent on show in the NBA, who makes the cut in the top five?

LaMelo Ball - Charlotte Hornets

LaMelo Ball, NBA

LaMelo Ball is quickly making his way up the pecking order of the best point guards in the league, as he has the ability to shoot the ball from deep and has playmaking skills that rival some of the best floor generals to ever play the game.

Averaging nearly 20 points per game, over seven assists per game, and nearly seven rebounds per game, Ball has the Charlotte Hornets in a great spot as a potential playoff team in the Eastern Conference for years to come.

Trae Young - Atlanta Hawks

Trae Young

Trae Young is in a lot of ways the second coming of Stephen Curry, as he has the ability to pull up from anywhere on the court, which leaves defenses struggling on how to guard him.

Ice Trae is such a crafty finisher around the rim as well with his killer floater. Averaging over 28 points and nearly ten assists per game, Young won't be going away from this conversation any time soon.

Jayson Tatum - Boston Celtics

Jayson Tatum

Jayson Tatum is a textbook definition of a three-level scorer, as he can beat you from three, post you up, and get enough lift using his footwork to fade away from his defender and just flat out power through you on drives to the rim.

With a well-rounded stat line of 27 points, eight rebounds, and four assists per game, Tatum offers exactly that versatility teams crave out on the wing position. The future will continue to be bright for the Celtics forward.

Ja Morant - Memphis Grizzlies

Ja Morant, Memphis Grizzlies

Ja Morant is just a sensational all-around basketball player. His toughness and grit standing at just 6ft 3" and 174 pounds allows him to finish at the rim at a high level, as he averages over 70% shooting at the rim, which is where he gets most of his field-goal attempts.

Overall, he averages nearly 28 points, seven assists, and six rebounds per game and has his Memphis Grizzlies sitting with the second-best record in the league.

Luka Doncic - Dallas Mavericks

Luka Doncic Dallas Mavericks

Luka Doncic is as rare of a talent you can find, as many consider him the LeBron James of his era. While he puts up similar stats to LeBron, averaging nearly 28 points and over nine rebounds and eight assists per game, he has a completely different style to LeBron, as he relies on his craftiness around the rim, including his euro-step to put up high scoring numbers.

He also relies heavily on his jump-shot and ability to post up smaller defenders. The next step for him is to win MVP and lead the Dallas Mavericks on a deep playoff run.

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