NBA Playoffs Game 2: The Brooklyn Nets will need a better Kevin Durant at TD Garden

Kevin Durant rarely looks human out there. When he gets to his spot in the mid-range or blows by his defender, chances are it's going to be automatic.

However, in the Brooklyn Nets' Game 1 loss to the Boston Celtics, he was all but automatic, as he shot just 9-of-24 from the field and turned the ball over six times.

(2) (51-31) Boston Celtics vs (7) (44-38) Brooklyn Nets

When: Wednesday 20 April, 2022

Time: 19:00 ET

Where: TD Garden - Boston, Massachusetts

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Durant looked rattled and sloppy out there, as multiple Celtics defenders used their length and size to take Durant off his game-plan.

They were bodying him up, playing physically with him, and shutting down his driving lanes, which left Durant having to force the action and try and create low percentage shot attempts.

"They did a good job forcing me away, helping in the paint. I just have to be more fundamental in my moves," Durant said.

"Some shots went in and out for me. I played fast and turned the ball over. I've just got to slow down and play my game. But they did a good job of making me see bodies."

Adjustments KD could make

Night in and night out, it's clear that KD is going to look to create his own shots in the mid-range, which will usually lead to significant success.

However, he attempted just two shots near the rim, which were both misses.

Without Robert Williams, the Celtics don't have a legitimate rim protector, so that is an area Durant needs to take full advantage of.

Furthermore, when he's matched up against Al Horford, he shouldn't always settle for a mid-range jumper.

Instead, what he should look to do is take advantage of Horford's slow-footed nature and challenge Horford to stay with him on drives to the rim.

"Teams are going to be designed to take away some of my catches and my opportunities," Durant said.

"I've been dealing with it for a while, so it's on me to keep playing through it.

"I got some good looks there in the first, second half, they didn't fall, maybe rushing a little bit. My fundamentals weren't down, trying to beat [the double team], trying to play before the help comes."

Indeed, there were multiple instances where KD either tried to force the jumper or settle for looks that are usually automatic for him.

But in the Playoffs, those jumpers become less and less automatic as defenses tighten up and study your tendencies to a T.

He is Kevin Durant, though, and he studies the game arguably more than anybody.

He will watch film and study what went wrong in his mechanics, what the Celtics defense was doing to him, and make the necessary adjustments.

Expect KD to bounce back for a huge Game 2!

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