NBA news: Why Steph Curry’s three-point record could be unbreakable?

Stephen Curry has already established himself as the best three-point shooter the NBA has ever seen, having made the most three-pointers in NBA history.

The most amazing thing about it, is that he's still in the prime of his career and has many seasons left in him. With that in mind, we can expect his record to grow, which may make it nearly impossible for someone to come in and break it. 

Every time Curry crosses the half-court line, opposing defences are already on high alert, as players try to hedge him to prevent a possible shot.

However, Curry is never fazed by the pressure he's given from opposing defences, so all he does is let it fly, which leaves even his opponents in awe of what they just witnessed.

Revolutionising the sport

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30) celebrates after making a three-point basket against the Denver Nuggets during the third quarter at Oracle Arena.

Curry revolutionized the game of basketball almost single-handedly, as what was once considered a bad three-point shot is now perceived a good look. It has now become normal to hoist up treys rather than looking for higher percentage looks in the mid-range or at the rim.

His impact has also changed the way teams build, as they'll surround a whole team of shooters around their superstar player and move the ball all around the horn to find the open shooter.

As a personality, Curry has also made himself popular by shimmying after hitting those deep three-pointers and looking away before the ball makes it through the net.

The 33-year-old came from humble beginnings, considering he wasn't offered a major Division One scholarship and was forced to deal with numerous early-career injuries that could've held him back from reaching his potential.

But luckily for the game of basketball, Curry overcame all of those early career hardships and was able to establish himself as the best three-point shooter of all time and earn several accolades along the way, including two MVP awards and three championships.

What's more, he shattered the record for most three-point scores in a single season back during the 2015/16 campaign. Curry drained 402 of them en route to becoming the first unanimous MVP in NBA history.

Prior to that, the player had already set the record for most threes in a season on two separate occasions.

Whenever you happen to catch Curry on your TV screen or in person, just know you're witnessing history.

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