NBA playoffs news: Klay Thompson reflects on his journey

It's been a long road but Klay Thompson is eagerly anticipating his return to the NBA postseason with the Golden State Warriors.

After nearly three years and two very serious injuries, Klay Thompson is finally back in the NBA Playoffs with the Golden State Warriors.

Almost three seasons ago, Thompson collapsed in a heap after tearing his ACL. A year and a half ago, he was in huge pain again after rupturing his right Achilles tendon.

Either injury could and has ended careers before but Thompson fought back.

The Warriors are a team built to win but serious injuries to Thompson and fellow star Steph Currie mean they haven't been to the postseason for the last two years either.

Having them back in the playoffs is exciting for basketball fans but having Thompson leading the way for them after what he endured is another thing entirely.

"I get geeked thinking about it," Thompson admitted.

While it has to be said he did have a relatively slow start to the season statistics-wise, he has come into his own in the lead-up to the postseason.

He scored 110 points in the three games he's played in April so far and is shooting his three-pointers 51% of the time.

"I have some great momentum. I can't wait," he said. "We have the ingredients. It's about locking in and playing for each other, and it's playing free.

"We've been able to do such incredible things together that we want to do again. After two years of not being able to, it was weird for all of us but we know what we're capable of being champions at the end."

The Warriors take on the Nuggets in game 1 of a seven game set in Denver on Saturday night with the final game of the series, if it makes it all the way through to Game 7, is scheduled for 1 May.

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