NBA news: Zion Williamson looking leaner than ever

Zion Williamson has all the attributes to be an NBA star if he can deal with injury and weight issues.

Much has been made of Zion Williamson's weight throughout the early portion of his career. It's been reported that he reached a weight as high as 330lbs.

While there's a ton of muscle to factor into his weight, the guy is only six-foot-six, so there was definitely a lot of fat that went into that weight as well.

However, he recently lost 24 pounds in his recovery, as Bill Simmons recently told Zach Lowe on The Lowe Post podcast. Recent photos also do show a noticeable improvement in his appearance.

It's definitely a positive to hear that Williamson is improving his conditioning and body composition, as he is still beaming with lots of potential, given that he's still just 21 years old. He already has an All-Star Game appearance under his belt, for crying out loud.

Is Williamson Staying in New Orleans For Long?

Williamson is reportedly trying to find his way off the Pelicans, but one thing we should all keep in mind is that they have the rights to match any contract that any team offers to him when he reaches the end of his rookie contract into and enters restricted free agency.

However, Williamson has done his best James Harden and Ben Simmons impression, as he's distanced himself from his teammates and the organization as a whole over the last year or so.

But for now, he has rejoined the Pelicans and is partaking in drills with the team as he works his way back from a fractured right foot. There also remains a possibility that he may have to undergo another foot injury.

Foot injuries can be tough to deal with, and it could have long-term implications for a player's career.

If you're an NBA fan, you have to hope for the best for Zion, as he is as explosive and ferocious as a finisher at the rim as they come, and the efficiency is there as well.

In just his second season in the league, he averaged 27.0 points per game on 61.1 percent shooting to go along with 7.2 rebounds and 3.7 assists per game.

Some people may be ready to throw the bust label onto him, but he has proven he's far from that. All he needs is to overcome these early-career injuries and perhaps get to a better situation for himself.

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