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'This is where you come to be treated right', says new Minnesota Timberwolves president Tim Connelly

Tim Connelly has been appointed the Minnesota Timberwolves President of basketball operations, and his first priority is building a winning culture around the franchise.

After spending nine seasons in a similar role for the Denver Nuggets, Tim Connelly was poached by the Minnesota Timberwolves, who are looking to evolve under new owners.

Connelly agreed to a $40million five-year contract earlier this week, and will start with the upcoming season where he will try and guide the team to a first ever NBA Championship.

The team fell short in the playoffs against the Memphis Grizzlies this season, but new changes will add a buzz of optimism around a rapidly growing franchise.

Connelly is the man tasked with leading that rebuild, and he first wants to prioritise building a successful mentality and culture in Minnesota.

"There's a reason these coastal cities have a leg up, but what you can help develop and help add credence and definition to is your culture and the organization and the wins and losses," said Connelly.

"Hopefully word spreads that this is where you're going to come if you want to be treated right.
"I wasn't looking for this. It was such a unique opportunity that was presented to me. The last nine years for me have been the best nine years professionally I could have ever imagined.
"As you had those sleepless nights, it makes you dig even deeper internally, even more introspective, and ask yourself if it's something you want to do. It's a leap of faith, certainly."
The side are currently in progress of being purchased by Marc Lore and Alex Rodriguez from long-time owner Glen Taylor, with a $1.5billion deal in the works.
Lore spoke to the press about his plans as the new owner, and he immediately expressed his support for Connelly's new role in the club.
"We have full confidence and trust in Tim, and he's going to be empowered to build a first-class, world-class organization. Full stop.
"We feel like we've made good decisions together as a group," Lore said. "We just feel really good about the partnership and where we've been and where we're going."

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