NBA news: Can Phoenix Suns weather the storm without Devin Booker?

Devin Booker has been ruled out for at least two weeks due to a grade one hamstring strain, which puts a significant blow to Phoenix's championship hopes despite boasting the best record in the NBA.

In Booker, the Suns are losing a bonafide superstar who can create his own shot from anywhere, especially in the mid-range and from the three-point zone. 

The 25-year-old has an ability to control the pace of the game and bring balance to the roster. Booker can also utilise the high number of three-point shooters surrounding him and a very reliable post scorer in Deandre Ayton - who benefited from the gravity Booker attracts in the mid-range and perimeter, thus opening up the paint for him.

Having Booker also allowed Chris Paul to focus more on playmaking and being given the freedom to create his own shot within the flow of the offence. This means he doesn't have to worry about the rigours of carrying the scoring load.

How can the Suns move forward without Booker?

Monty Williams appears during the game

This is going to be no easy task for the Suns, as they'll now have to readjust their offence without having the comfort of Booker creating his own shot at will.

However, Suns coach Monty Williams feels confident his team can make the necessary adjustments.

He said: "We've played without Chris (Paul) and Book before. If we have to play without Book, next man up. We've done that all year long."

Booker has been played a key role behind the success his team has enjoyed this season. However, it also took a strong supporting cast to help him get there.

Devin Booker, Phoenix Suns

CP3 is going to have to prepare himself to take on a bigger load, much like he did in his younger days, but he has proven he is capable of that, as he put in a 30-point performance in game one.

The Suns will likely run a lot more plays through Ayton in the post, as he could take advantage of the easy match up with Jonas Valanciunas inside to help the Suns get past the New Orleans Pelicans.

Cameron Johnson has proven he can step his scoring up when his name is called, as he helps spread the floor as a 3-point specialist.

Mikal Bridges is also dangerous when lanes open up, as he can either beat you on the drive or cut to the rim while providing suffocating defence out on the wings.

The Suns will have to rely on their role players a lot more to do the little things offensively and defensively, but as long as CP3 and Ayton can take their game up to a new level over these next couple of weeks, the Suns stand a great chance to at least get to the Conference Finals.

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