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Did Joel Embiid hint he wants to be traded to Miami Heat?

Joel Embiid took to Twitter Wednesday evening and suggested that the Miami Heat need another star player.

On the surface of things, the Heat have Jimmy Butler, who is a superstar in his own right, as well as Bam Adebayo, Tyler Herro, and a host of other great role players.
The entire organization has gone by the phrase "Heat Culture" throughout the years, which is defined by having more grit than their opponents and being willing to put in the extra work to become champions. That energy surrounding the team helped the Heat get to the Finals in 2020 when the NBA season had to continue within the confines of a resort down in Disney World, otherwise dubbed as the Orlando bubble.
With largely that same 2020 remaining, the Heat earned the best record in the Eastern Conference and have advanced all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals. However, there have been several moments where they just look overmatched against the firepower of the Boston Celtics,
With that being said, they likely need to add another superstar to get them over the hump, and that could come in the name of Embiid.

How realistic is it for the Heat to acquire Embiid?

Throughout the entire Conference Semifinals matchup between the Heat and the Philadelphia 76ers, Embiid and Butler have had nothing but mutual praise and respect for one another. The two were teammates for most of the 2018-19 season on the Sixers, with many believing they should've been the team that got to the Finals that season, not the Toronto Raptors.
But both of them could have still eventually gotten to the Finals in the future had they remained teammates.
Things aren't looking so great in Philly right now, as they're wrestling with the decision to let James Harden walk in free agency despite giving up meaningful assets to acquire him, or keeping him around on near max dollars despite his declining skill set. The uncertainty surrounding that situation could cause Embiid to want a new situation for himself, with the Heat being a possible destination because of his relationship with Butler.
The Heat have the pieces to make it happen, as they could offer up Adebayo, Herro, and draft capital. Embiid and Butler would instantly form a duo dynamic enough to carry the Heat to the Finals with their elite skillset on both ends of the floor. However, Embiid is a perennial MVP candidate, and the Sixers would likely want to do everything they can to keep him around.
With that being said, Embiid is likely staying in the City of Brotherly Love for the foreseeable future.

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