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Ja Morant criticises Golden State Warriors celebrations in NBA finals as Grizzlies feud continues

Ja Morant has slammed the Golden State Warriors for targeting the Memphis Grizzlies during their championship celebrations.

The Warriors vs Grizzlies feud has added another chapter this week, with Ja Morant criticising the Warriors for targeting his Memphis Grizzlies side after they won the NBA finals.

The Warriors sealed a 4-2 series triumph against the Boston Celtics, but dropped an occasional dig towards the Grizzlies in their celebrations.
Morant was quick to pick up on it.
"I just felt like if I won a championship, I wouldn't think about no other team or what somebody said months ago," Morant said
"But as you see after they won the championship, everything was Grizzlies.
"Playing 'Whoop That Trick' in their parade, showing it in the club, talking about Jaren [Jackson Jr.], this and that."
Klay Thompson did take aim at Jackson Jr after his championship triumph, labelling him a "bum" and a "clown", after he mocked the Warriors' "Strength in Numbers" slogan.
"There was this one player on the Grizzlies who tweeted, 'Strength in Numbers,' after they beat us in the regular season and it p***ed me off so much," Thompson said.
The feud continued between the two sides on social media for weeks, but Morant was eager to point out that there was still plenty of mutual respect between the two sides.
"Those guys can tell you. Even after we lost in the series that I told them, 'I feel like it's time for y'all to get another ring.
"And then they said the same like, 'Y'all be back. We'll see y'all again, it'll be a lot of fun for years to come,'" Morant added.
"But we're all competitors at the end of the day, we're all battling in this league to be the best we can be and to win championships, and that's what comes with it."

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