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Draymond Green wants Golden State Warriors to reward him with max contract

After winning his fourth championship with the Warriors, Draymond Green thinks he should receive a max contract – but Golden State are reluctant.

Draymond Green will make $25.8million next season, and has a player option for $28.5m in 2023/24. He will likely turn down that option in order to receive a bigger contract, which he hopes to be a $164m max contract across five seasons.
This according to The Athletic, who report that Warriors captain Steph Curry wants the iconic trio of himself, Green and Klay Thompson to stay together as long as possible; he sees all three as one whole package, given their incredible success over the years.

Curry claimed his first finals MVP award last season after his team beat the Boston Celtics in six games in the NBA Finals to win his fourth ring.

This means the only man to be named unanimous MVP has pretty much done it all and could be regarded as the greatest point guard to play the game, although Magic Johnson might have something to say about that.

Thompson has two years left on his contract, meaning Golden State will probably not engage in talks over a new deal until next year, as the franchise usually opts to wait until a player has a year left before engaging in these kinds of conversations.
Green's situation is pretty open as things stand. He can be a free agent next year, and will likely explore the open market if the Warriors do not wish to pay him what he wants.
If it is made clear that Golden State will not do that as early as this off-season, Green could potentially request a trade. Literally anything can happen at this stage.
Seeing Green rep a different jersey would certainly be strange, and although he isn't the flashiest player or the best on offense, the Warriors will definitely miss him and might not have what it takes to win it all without him, no matter how well Curry and co perform.
However, the Warriors could prioritise extensions for Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole, who are 27 and 23 years old, respectively, over a new deal for Green, who is currently 32. Furthermore, they could opt to develop Jonathan Kuminga and James Wiseman if the veteran power forward moves on.
Green is eligible for an extension on August 3 and it will be very interesting to see what the Warriors decide to do.
The 2017 Defensive Player of the Year has been an integral part of the franchise's success and is their undisputed leader, despite being inferior basketball players to Thompson and Curry, offensively anyway.
His locker room presence cannot be understated, nor can his presence on the court as one of the best defensive players of all time and an excellent playmaker.
Majority owner Joe Lacob is a big-spender, but stepping into a total bill (salary plus tax) that is well above the record $362m they paid last season, would likely be a step too far.
This would happen if Green, Wiggins, Poole and Thompson all extended.
Green's situation is certainly one to keep an eye on.
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