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The best playmakers of all-time, including Magic Johnson and Chris Paul

The NBA has seen many great floor generals in the history of its game.

In order for an offense to succeed at a high level, you need to have someone adept at finding their teammates in open spots while controlling the flow of the game.
Let's take a look at some of the best in the game's history!

Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson starred for the Los Angeles Lakers for his entire career, as he was a three-time MVP, four-time assists leader, and five-time champion.
He and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar teamed up to make one of the best duos of all time, as Magic's playmaking skills got Kareem in his ideal spots.
His ability to throw no-look passes on the fastbreak and alley-oops from halfcourt was a huge part of the "Showtime" era of Lakers basketball.

Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd made a name for himself as one of the premier playmaking point guards during his time in the league, as he's led the league in assists five different times.
Kidd had the ability to throw no-look passes on the fly and was never afraid to throw lob passes up to his high-flying teammates such as Vince Carter, Kenyon Martin, and Richard Jefferson.
Kidd made each and every one of his teammates look good out there on the court, as Carter once remarked that he got a lot of guys paid.
Because of Kidd's playmaking skills, he was able to take the New Jersey Nets to the Finals in back-to-back seasons when he first got there, as the Nets were a hopeless franchise before his arrival.
Kidd was also a huge part of the Dallas Mavericks' Finals win in 2011.

Steve Nash

Steve Nash is a two-time MVP, as he also led the league in assists for five years.
Nash was the pilot of the Phoenix Suns' seven seconds or less offense, as he was tasked with pushing the ball up the court and finding Amar'e Stoudemire and Shawn Marion in transition or kicking it out to his shooters.
Nash's ability to shoot also made him a significant threat.

Chris Paul

Chris Paul has led the league in assists for five seasons, as the impact he has on teams is apparent.
He piloted the "Lob City" Los Angeles Clippers teams and is adept at elevating the play of each and every one of his teammates.
Currently third on the all-time list, Paul stands a great chance to pass Jason Kidd before he retires.

John Stockton

John Stockton led the league in assists for nine seasons, as he and Karl Malone ran the pick-and-roll to perfection during their time with the Utah Jazz.
He has the most assists in NBA history, which is a record that will likely never be touched.

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