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Is Victor Wembanyama the NBA's next Greek freak in the making?

Since the Greek Freak Giannis Antetokounmpo made his NBA debut in 2013, the world has not been this hyped for another rookie.

After all, it’s not every day LeBron James calls an upcoming talent 'alien’ in pure admiration. Now, that glory belongs to Victor Wembanyama.

Blessed with towering height and godly skills, Victor has given many punters confidence when they visit crypto sports betting sites. Many basketball sports fans are already looking forward to how this 2023 NBA draft rookie will shake things up. If left out of the loop, you can get up to speed and learn more about this star in the making.

Who is Victor Wembanyama?

Getting into the NBA as the first pick for the rookie draft doesn’t happen to just anyone. Yet, Victor Wembanyama, a San Antonio Spurs power forward, got into the club as the first pick in the 2023 NBA Draft.

This rookie is 18 years old and 7-foot-4, able to land three-pointers easily. While his height makes him stand out enough, his on-court finesse is the real attention grabber. This earned him names like ‘Wemby,’ ‘Vic,’ and ‘The Extraterrestrial.’

What about his family?

Part of Victor Wembanyama's fame and overall skill can also be attributed to his heritage. He was born to Elodie de Fautereau and Felix Wembanyama on January 4, 2004.

Felix Wembanyama is a former Olympic athlete, while Elodie de Fautereau is a former basketball player turned coach. His grandfather from his mother’s side was also a professional basketball player, adding to the overall hype.

One of the reasons why Victor is so good is because genetic athletic ability runs through his veins. His athletic prowess isn’t limited to just him, as his siblings are also definitions of athletic success.

His older sister, Eve, won gold in 2017 at the FIBA U16 European Championships. Oscar, his younger brother, is another 15-year-old rising star in the basketball ranks, and he’s now playing with the ASVEL U18 team.

As a child, Victor actually played soccer and was a good goalkeeper for a while. However, he gave up on that to focus on basketball.

How did this star get public attention?

Victor attracted public attention when he played against G League Ignite with his team, LNB Pro A side Metropolitan 92. In the Las Vegas match, he surprised everyone watching when he averaged 7.5 rebounds and 36.5 points.

He also got 4.5 blocks, 2 assists and 1 steal, helping the disadvantaged French team finish the match at 1-1. While the scores are nothing to be proud of, what wowed the public was his unmatched potential.

It wasn’t every day that they saw a lanky centre who could shoot deep three-pointers. Victor played his game differently from what you’d expect from a big man. Many scouts witnessed his unique size and skill and predicted he would be a different player.

When was he actually discovered?

While Las Vegas made Victor popular, basketball scouts had already known about his ability for much longer. Scouts discovered this Frenchman during a U11 game in Versailles.

Michael Allard, the Nanterre basketball club's coach, went to look at the match when an assistant coach caught his attention. The assistant coach was seated on the bench, and his long frame made him wonder what he would look like as a player. He got his answer within minutes as Victor rose from the bench to join the game.

This find astounded him so much that he immediately rang the technical director for the U11 programme at JSF Nanterre. He made some moves behind the scenes, and Victor was invited

to join the Nanterre basketball club. While he was three years younger than the other players in the club, his skill set allowed him to stand out.

He debuted for his club in the EuroCup in 2019. 2020 saw him proceed to LNB Pro A, where he won the award for the 2020 Pro A Best Young Player of the Year. In 2021, he won the same award before moving on to Metropolitans 92.

What have famous players said about Victor Wembanyama?

When talking about basketball rookies, it's hard not to talk about Victor Wembanyama. Even the famous names in the basketball world have heard about this upcoming talent, and many have things to say.

Nicolas Batum, the Tokyo 2020 silver medalist, had one of the earliest interactions with Victor. This athlete saw him when the French team was practicing and decided to stop to watch. Ultimately, he just couldn’t help himself and decided to meet the upcoming talent.

LeBron James also has a lot to say about this popular rookie. According to him, everyone had been like a unicorn in recent years, but Victor was different; he was like an alien. This was because he hadn’t seen anyone so tall move with so much finesse and grace on the court.

Giannis Antetokounmpo is also one of the people who has seen Victor Wembanyama play. He got this opportunity as the player was on ASVEL, the same club where his brother Kostas plays. In his words, Victor was incredible in moving, blocking shots, and speeding on the court.

Kevin Durant has also said that this NBA rookie puts a smile on the face of anyone who plays basketball. Seeing someone like Victor gives him the impression that basketball has come a long way. That’s because it’s rare and inspiring to see someone 7-foot-5 doing everything on the court.


Although he stands at 7-foot-4, equal in height to Boban Majranovi, the NBA’s tallest player, Victor is more than just a big-man. He moves like a point guard and possesses the skills of a skilled centre.

While Giannis Antetokounmpo is already an established legend in basketball, Victor is already becoming something similar to a top sports athlete. Who knows, he could be the next Greek Freak or someone better. As long as he stays healthy, many pros believe he will achieve greatness in sports.

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