Russell Wilson news: QB targets 'three to four' Super Bowls with the Denver Broncos

Super Bowl winner says best years are ahead of him and wants to play for another decade in the NFL and win more rings with the Denver Broncos.

After winning more games in his first 10 NFL seasons than any other quarterback in history, Russell Wilson wants his second decade in the league to involve plenty of Super Bowl appearances.

Wilson moved to the Denver Broncos after they made a blockbuster trade deal with the Seattle Seahawks.

It ended a 10-year stay in Seattle that yielded plenty of victories, two Super Bowls and one Lombardi Trophy.

As he was unveiled as the new Denver Broncos quarterback, Wilson said the only reason he made the move was to win "three to four more Super Bowls" as he planned to "finish on top as a champion".

Wilson feels he could yet reach his prime in his 30s.

Wilson came to win

Wilson said he did not initiate the move away from Seattle, and only waived his no trade clause because of the opportunity to join a team he feels can win it all.

"That's what I believe in. So every day, what you're going to get from me is that mentality," Wilson explained at the press conference.

"You're going to get that juice. You're going to get that energy.

"You're going to get that focus and we're going to do it together. All the guys back there, we're going to do it together because that what it takes.

"We're here for one thing and that's to win. That's to win at the highest level, often. I'm excited about it. I'm excited about the journey, so Broncos country, let's ride."

Wilson wants to follow in Elway & Manning footsteps

The Broncos have a strong QB tradition with John Elway and Peyton Manning two of the best ever to throw a ball.

With Manning in particular there are similarities as he joined Denver after 14 years with the Colts and won a second Super Bowl with a second different team.

Wilson went to nine Pro Bowls in 10 seasons with Seattle, and beat Manning's 10-year win total by just one game.

Ironically, Wilson's one Super Bowl victory to date came against the Broncos and Manning in Super Bowl XLVIII in New York.

After chatting to Manning before making the move to Denver, Wilson now wants to follow his footsteps.

"I think the biggest thing he told me was that this is a winning organization,'' Wilson said.

"That was the biggest thing, obviously you know that, you know that from an outside perspective, but when you're in it, living in it every day, as a quarterback, as someone people look to to lead, you want to make sure you can answer that question.

"And he said 'without a doubt,' he loved it here, he still lives here today."

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