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Webber: The car was ‘a bit sore’

2012-11-18 09:25:59

A disconsolate Mark Webber was left to lament Red Bull’s latest alternator failure, which put him out of the United States GP

Webber: The car was ‘a bit sore’

Running in third place, Webber suddenly dropped two seconds a lap to the front-runners and reported a KERS issue with his RB8.

However, one lap was forced to park his Red Bull with a suspected alternator failure.

It was the Aussie’s first mechanical failure in 59 races.

“It’s a suspected alternator, we had very low battery pressure,” he said.

“We lost KERS and sync on the gearbox, and ultimately stopped. I knew the car was a bit sore.

“We had a good start to the race and a good fight with Lewis in the first few laps.

“Then we had a lot of issues to manage, and stopped in the braking zone in Turn 12.”

Webber’s DNF was not the first caused by a Renault alternator for Red Bull this season as his team-mate Sebastian Vettel suffered failures at Valencia and Monza.

“It makes for some more nerves on other side with Seb,” Webber conceded as he was forced to watch from the sidelines as his team-mate Vettel led the race.

“We put the best car on the track that we thought would get home, but there’s a long way to the finish.”

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