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Vettel: Championship looking a bit better

2012-11-18 11:06:54

Sebastian Vettel believes his chances of winning a third title after looking “a bit better” after he extended his advantage over Fernando Alonso to 13 points

Vettel: Championship looking a bit better

The Red Bull racer was leading Sunday’s United States GP ahead of Lewis Hamilton when the Brit made the most of an tardy backmarker to close right up on Vettel. Hamilton used his DRS to slide by and into the lead on lap 42.

And although Vettel tried to fight back, the German had to settle for second place at the inaugural CoTA grand prix.

“It was incredible,” Vettel told 1978 World Champion Mario Andretti during the podium interviews.

“I did my first race, five years ago, in the United States. It’s nice to come back for my 100th GP.

“It’s amazing the number of people we have had here all weekend.”

Speaking about his battle with Hamilton, the 25-year-old said: “It was a tough race. He had one chance and he took it. It was a great race.”

But while Vettel may have lost the race to Hamilton, he did extend his advantage over Alonso in the Championship fight as the gap is now 13 points with just Brazil remaining.

“Now we have another step to make in Brazil. In terms of the Championship, it’s looking a bit better after today.

“I’m happy for the team, we won the Constructors’ Championship, so thanks to all of you.”

Vettel won’t be sending any thank you cards to Narain Karthikeyan soon after the HRT driver held him up slightly during his battle with Hamilton.

“I wasn’t too happy to send a nice big invitation to Lewis when I had to go through Karthikeyan,” he said.

“He was right behind in the DRS zone. He took that opportunity, fair enough, down the straight and he passed me. I tried to defend but I knew he would have so much more speed. I was obviously not too happy. Lewis had one chance and he took it after that I tried to stay with him but there wasn’t much between us.”

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