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Rosberg downplays electrical glitch

2013-02-05 06:46:47

Nico Rosberg says he had a “good feeling” about his W04 right up until an electrical problem caused the car to stop

Rosberg downplays electrical glitch

Driving Mercedes’ new car on the very first day of pre-season testing, Rosberg’s running came to an end in a fiery manner after just 11 laps.

The German came to a halt out on track during the morning’s session with unburnt fuel in the exhausts igniting resulting in flames briefly licking the rear right of the car.

With a fault in a wiring loom deemed to be the cause, Mercedes called it quits for the day in order to make the necessary repairs.

But despite only having a brief run on Tuesday, Rosberg is feeling positive about his new challenger.

“At the start of winter testing, you often encounter small issues because the car you’re running is a brand new design,” said the German.

“We had an electrical problem this morning and, once we had found the root cause, chose to modify the parts to make sure it didn’t happen again.

“Of course, at this time of year all you want to do is spend time in the car and get a feeling for how it’s working, but these hiccups are just part of the game.

“During the laps I completed this morning, I had a good feeling with the car and it felt solid.”

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