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Pirelli: We want to make F1 exciting

2013-01-29 12:47:25

Tyre supplier Pirelli believes the only way it can help overcoming growing concerns about the cost of Formula 1 is by making the sport as exciting as possible

Pirelli: We want to make F1 exciting

With a worldwide economic slowdown in effect, leading in part to the recent demise of HRT, there are newfound concerns that the high cost of the change of regulations in 2014 could mean financial trouble for even more teams in F1.

Marussia were recently forced to drop Timo Glock because of similar financial concerns, and while Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery doesn’t see any quick fix to the troubling issue of rising costs, he hopes his company can help matters by making the sport as exciting as possible for fans and, thereby, as attractive as possible for sponsors.

“Obviously you worry about the health of any sport that has those sorts of discussions,” Hembery told Autosport when asked about financial issues in F1.

“These are, of course, very complex issues and there are areas where solutions are not imminent and will take a lot of time to develop. But you want to see a healthy sport, and you want to see exciting racing.

“It is hard to say how many teams you really need to have an exciting championship.

“But clearly, we have seen in the last few years a number of teams, who have come in under a concept of being able to perform in F1 with a reduced budget, disappear very rapidly because that hasn’t been the case.

“The resources required to be a competitive F1 team are clearly much greater than the resources of a number of recent teams and some of the existing teams.

“We are conscious of that and we monitor what is happening. We want to know if we are able to do anything, and if we have ideas.

“From our point of view, we will try and make it more attractive, so they have a better chance of selling it to sponsors.”

Pirelli will be switching to new constructions and even softer compounds next year, a move they are confident will provide a bit of a shake-up in the pecking order in the absence of any significant rule or regulation changes in the coming season.

“What we would like to do in 2013 is to come back to be a little bit more aggressive in our compound choice in order to introduce more pitstops and strategy for the teams,” said Hembery.

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