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‘Nothing being done to cut costs’

2014-09-29 02:06:19

Monisha Kaltenborn believes the F1 teams have only themselves to blame should any outfit drop out as “nothing” is being done to reduce costs

‘Nothing being done to cut costs’

Whispers in the paddock suggest that at least three teams, including Sauber, are in a dire financial situation and could be forced out of Formula 1.

Should that happen and the grid drop below 20 cars, F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone is adamant the remaining teams will have to run three cars.

Kaltenborn, however, says whatever happens, the teams have brought it on themselves by refusing to take measures to cut costs.

“There’s nothing being done and I think that some team principals, apart from myself, have said that something drastic needs to happen and then we’ll react,” she told ESPN.

“But it’s very difficult to explain to the people out there why we need that much money and we do have this image of burning cash here. Nobody can really understand that.

“I think something will happen, but I don’t hope for it to happen because it’s not good for any team. Something will happen because you can’t go on at this level and you don’t know the next thing that is going to come up that will again mean more costs.

“It’s actually very depressing to see that we can’t all agree on the fact that we have to reduce our costs, and by a lot of money.”

Pressed as to whether all 11 of the current teams would be back on the grid next season, the Sauber team boss said: “I’m not so sure if that is going to be the case.”

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