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Button ‘not fearful’ of Alonso

2014-10-25 09:06:15

Jenson Button says he would have no problem partnering Fernando Alonso at McLaren as “nothing scares” him about going head-to-head with a World Champion

Button ‘not fearful’ of Alonso

With the double World Champion set to leave Ferrari at the end of this season, many are expecting Alonso will head to Woking.

Last month reports claimed that 2015 engine partner Honda were so keen on Alonso that they were willing to pay “30 million euros” to get him out of his Ferrari contract.

As yet there has been no confirmation from McLaren, who insist they are in no rush to decide their 2015 line-up.

But, should the team opt to partner Alonso with Button, the Brit is confident he will enjoy the match-up.

“For me, working with any driver up and down the grid, nothing scares me of working with a World Champion,” he told Autosport.

“I’ve worked with two in the past - Jacques Villeneuve, when I was young, and with Lewis [Hamilton] for three years.

“I’m not fearful of any team-mate, and I find it exciting learning new people and the way people work, because it’s not always what it might seem from the outside.”

However, should McLaren decide to retain their current pairing of Button and Kevin Magnussen, the 2009 World Champ says they have a “really good working” relationship.

“I love working with team-mates that give it their all, are technically sound in terms of understanding a racing car and what to do with set-up, and are completely open, and that’s something Kevin definitely has.

“He arrived inexperienced, so initially a lot was me developing the car, but he’s learned so fast in terms of setting up the car.

“I think we have a very similar feel and direction, so it’s been really good working with Kevin.”

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