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Horner admits alternator worries

2012-11-19 10:55:56

Christian Horner says Red Bull’s latest alternator failure is “a worry full-stop” after Mark Webber retired in Texas

Horner admits alternator worries

Earlier this season Red Bull swapped to a newer spec Renault alternator. However, the move proved disastrous for Sebastian Vettel as his gave up in both the European and Italian GPs.

As a result Red Bull returned to the older specification, which both Webber and Vettel were running during Sunday’s United States GP.

But while Vettel’s held up over the 56 laps, with the German finishing second and extending his lead in the Drivers’ Championship to 13 points, Webber’s failed, putting him into retirement on lap 18.

“It looks like an alternator, that’s what the data suggests at the moment,” Red Bull’s team boss revealed.

“It’s just a worry full-stop.

“Unfortunately, it’s the third alternator that we’ve had and, obviously, there’s been other failures in other cars.

“We need to get [the engine] back. I think the new version [of the alternator] is on other engine cycles and, hopefully, that’s what we’ll have for Brazil.”

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