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Hamilton wants Alonso duel

2013-01-28 12:17:08

Lewis Hamilton is hoping Fernando Alonso’s prediction that he’ll be winning races this season proves to be true as he is keen to take on the Spaniard

Hamilton wants Alonso duel

Although Hamilton’s new team Mercedes claimed just victory last season, there are many in the paddock who are expecting an improved performance from the Brackley-based outfit this year.

One such person is Alonso, who recently stated that he expects the Brit will “be able to win more than one race”.

And Hamilton is hoping he is right.

“It’s a duel I’d like to see as well,” he told the Mirror. “To have a car to compete with him again would be pretty exciting.”

He added: “For me it’s nice to have positive comments from Fernando. I’ve always regarded him highly. It’s just a real pleasure to see us moving forward, growing and having mutual respect for one another.

“I feel the same about him. He has done a phenomenal job for years. I’ve always had positive things to say about him.”

As for the relationship between the two, which became very bitter during their time together at McLaren, Hamilton says that is water under the bridge.

“A lot of stuff just got in the way of us back then and we said a lot of things in the heat of the moment. We talk a lot more now. Back then, after growing up a bit, you think that you’ve got to know your position and respect your elders.

“I was just grateful to have been given the position but thought; give me the same treatment and you’ll see what happens.

“Now I just say I don’t want any preferential treatment. I just want the same opportunity to show what I can do.”

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