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Sykes hopes to cut Rea’s lead further

2015-07-29 06:17:57

Sykes for once got the better of Rea this season last time out at Laguna Seca and cut his lead by eight points, to leave the championship leader still 125 points ahead of the defending champion

Sykes hopes to cut Rea’s lead further

Sykes needs to, at the very least, prevent Rea from extending his lead to 151 points, since after this weekend's race in Malaysia only 150 points will be on offer at the three remaining races.

"Sepang has a great layout and I enjoy the weather conditions. It is something completely different and quite challenging - but it is nice. We had a great feeling there last year and I think we can build on that," said Sykes.

"We are gradually getting a better feeling with the bike this year under the new regulations we have. I hope we can continue that momentum from Laguna forward. Sepang is really wide, open and your references are not as clear as they would on most tracks.

"Because you have so much circuit to play with you have a lot of tarmac to use and that is when you get the lap times. Sometimes all of that tarmac sucks you in and you feel you need to use it all. In some areas you are best of keeping to tight and not using all of the track. It is really quite technical."

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