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Bernie: We don’t need a Concorde deal

2013-01-27 09:17:07

Bernie Ecclestone says Formula One can continue even if the 11 teams and the FIA have not yet agreed a new Concorde Agreement

Bernie: We don’t need a Concorde deal

The Concorde Agreement is the document that covers the running of Formula One from how much of the television revenue the teams receive to the rules of the sport.

The current deal, though, expired at the end of last year without the teams reaching a mutual agreement with Ecclestone and the FIA over a new one.

It is the latter who are believed to be holding up the proceedings with Ecclestone revealing that the financial side of the deal has at least been agreed upon.

“We don’t need the Concorde Agreement signed,” the 82-year-old told ESPNF1. “It doesn’t matter to me whether we have got the Concorde Agreement or not.

“The Concorde Agreement is really made up of two sections. We have already dealt with the financial section with the teams.

“It is all done so it is a case of the regulations, which change all the time. It’s a case really of how you change the regulations.

“What affects the teams more than anything is the technical regulations. It is that which could put them out of business.”

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