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Max: Mental strength bulls**t

2014-10-21 09:50:36

Max Verstappen believes too much emphasis is being put on mental strength in Formula 1, sayineghe “finds it a bit bulls**t”

Max: Mental strength bulls**t

It has been a rapid rise for the 17-year-old as he will go from one season in European F3 Championship to F1 next year as he will replace Jean-Eric Vergne at Toro Rosso.

A lot of talk since the announcement has centered on whether or not he will be mentally strong enough to compete, but the teenager is having none of it.

“I have no problems at all with [mental strength]! I’m really relaxed and I don’t want to think about mental stress, or how strong you are mentally because, to be honest, I find it a bit bulls**t,” he told the official Red Bull website.

After a few years in karting, Verstappen made his single-seater debut in August 2013 before testing an F3 car in December and he admits it took some time to adapt.

“Of course before you jump in the car you don’t know what to expect,” he said. “But after I did a few laps, I started to feel comfortable. You start to feel the limits a bit. It’s completely different to go karts.

“I mean, the braking pedal, the throttle application, how you sit in the car, the view. That was the main difference really. But from the beginning we were quite fast, so I adapted quite well.”

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