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Alonso: Just focused on us

2012-11-15 10:26:31

Fernando Alonso says he’s feeling “more relaxed” and “much more focused” than he has done during previous title fights

Alonso: Just focused on us

The Ferrari driver arrived at the penultimate race of the season, the United States GP in Texas, with a 10-point deficit to Sebastian Vettel in the standings.

This, though, is not the first time that the Spaniard has found himself in the thick of the battle come the end of the season.

“I’m much more relaxed, much more focused,” said the Ferrari driver.

“In 2006, I arrived in the last race fighting with Michael (Schumacher) in Brazil and it was quite stressful, quite an intense weekend and not easy to get focused or to sleep or things like that, as it was a very emotional weekend.

“The year after, 2007, it was also a very stressful last race, three of us fighting for the World Champion: Lewis, Kimi and me and it was also a stressful weekend and not easy to do things.

“In 2010, we arrived in Abu Dhabi fighting for the Championship in the last race. I was much more calm there and more confident in things.

“The race was what it was and we didn’t win in the end but feeling-wise we were much more prepared.”

He added: “It’s the fourth time we have been fighting for the World Championship up to the last race - hopefully - and you really feel the difference.

“Being much more focused, concentrated, trying to do the job and understanding that if you do everything perfectly you have a chance; if you make a mistake you will lose the chance, so let’s focus on us.”

But despite fighting for the title - and doing so at a brand new track - the 31-year-old insists Ferrari will not change their approach for this weekend’s Texas race.

“Nothing really changed in terms of preparation and approach for the weekend. Maximum concentration, maximum effort from everybody in the team.

“Preparing some new parts that we are bringing every grand prix and hopefully that we can test them tomorrow and have some feedback about that.

“Try to do our very good, smooth Friday, good test and here, maybe more important than some other circuits, to do a lot of laps, to learn the racing lines, the possibilities and some… maybe tricks… that the circuit can have.

“And a good Saturday, try to be in the best position possible for the race and 58 or 60 or whatever laps, qualifying laps, Sunday try to score as many points as possible. Exactly the same as every other weekend.”

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